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I provide psychotherapy, diagnostic services, and consultation to children, adolescents, and adults at offices in Loudoun County, VA and Washington, D.C. . details here about my approach to treatment...

WELCOME, as a psychotherapist, I cultivate a safe & supportive atmosphere in which my clients explore thoughts and feelings about the important areas in their lives that may be broken, or not working as well as one hoped and planned. Adults often address major life changes, symptoms of anxiety and depression, relationship issues, as well as struggles with substance use and alcohol abuse. With children and adolescents, both talk and play therapy are integral parts of treatment. Adolescents and families often work well together in treatment facing family issues in a safe, and structured therapeutic environment. Students struggling with learning difficulties and associated deficits in self esteem are an area of specialty. Accurate diagnosis and an integrated plan of recommendations are essential to maximizing academic outcomes and enjoying school. In general, I am devoted to helping people, from a wide range of backgrounds, to clarify their understanding of their lives, reduce unnecessary suffering, and strengthen close interpersonal relationships. .

Psychotherapy for Individuals, Couples, and Famlies. Adults, Adolescents, and Children


Policies for Therapy, Evaluation, and Consultation.

Treatment specializations include:


Areas of Specialty:

  • Substance Abuse - 12-step & alternative substance abuse treatment methods
  • Intimate Relationship Challenges - Divorce, separation, and domestic violence.
  • Parenting and Co-parenting - objective psychological evaluations of family dynamics
  • Health Psychology related concerns such as chronic pain, cancer, AIDS, and geriatric care.
  • Mood Disorders - anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, etc.
  • LGBT relationships and identity issues
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Borderline individuals, and those suffering with severe personality disorders

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Some things to keep in mind

Psychotherapy is a unique opportunity, a private and intimate process that can change a person’s life.
It takes bravery and commitment to examine oneself and approach sensitive issues in psychotherapy. My approach is to collaborate with my patients and co-create a safe, positive environment that encourages disclosure of important feelings, thoughts, and past experiences. In so doing, I empower others to gain insight about themselves and help you discover new ways of being.... even if you have felt stuck and afraid for a long time.

We think, feel, and do things for a reason; our actions aren’t random. - The reasons that especially get us in trouble are the ones we’re not aware of. - Our unawareness isn’t a matter of being oblivious – it comes from our need to keep our motives hidden from ourselves because they’re unacceptable or shameful. - “The past isn’t dead,” as William Faulkner famously said,“It isn’t even past"..... <notes from an inspiring teacher, Robert Winer, MD>

We are powerfully shaped by our early experiences,and those ways of coping control our lives, even as they’ve outlived their relevance or usefulness.

- We are at war within ourselves, pulled in opposing directions. We want to make contact, for example, but we also want to protect ourselves from being hurt again.

- However we are leading our lives, however ineffective that might seem to be from an objective perspective, is the way that we truly believe is safest for us. (The abusive marriage, for example, feels less terrifying than being alone. The consequences of drinking are more tolerable than the pain the drinking covers.

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